Seven Major Problems of Pakistan

Pakistan has become a center of political, social, and economic problems. There are downturns in many aspects. One can simply point out regression wherever one goes in the country. Since 1971 liberation war, the economic downturn of Pakistan is the most argued context either it is social media, print media, social gatherings, etc.

Pakistan is turning into a developed state but still after 70 years of independence, we belong to a third world country. Pakistan is facing a major downfall and the seven major problems that are needed to be enlightened are stated below:

1. Poverty

The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing day by day. The rate of poverty in Pakistani urban and rural areas is inclined. About 40% of the total population today, is earning below the poverty line. People are unable to fulfill the needs of themselves and their families.

2. Illiteracy

About 50% of the total population in Pakistan is either a school dropout or does not go to educational institutions because of the unaffordability tactic. Learning has become impossible for the families with a low income because of the increased tuition fees. However, there are no proper schools in rural areas that are the major cause of illiteracy. Fewer education results in less produced people to serve the country.

3. Energy Crises

Our country is facing a huge amount of energy crises either it is in electricity, gas, or other utility. People use unfair means such as meter tempering, theft system, etc. This contributes to high utility bills and loss of energy. However, it is a significant challenge for Pakistan to revamp this issue.

4. Corruption and Political Instability

Politics has never turned out to be anywhere in favor of Pakistan. Corruption is the biggest key to turning the society into a deceleration. Un establishment has become a fatal problem for Pakistan. All loyal and honest politicians have been thrown out of the society and unorganized leaders are leading us to the new toxic path. This is why political progression is not taking Pakistan to the new levels of prosperity.

5. Foreign Relations

A slight downfall in the relation of Pakistan with its fellow countries has been seen. Import and export are lessened down. However, the contribution of Pakistan in foreign affairs is also not much visible in the present. Pakistan is considered as the centre of all the terrorist activities in the world and due to its proxy war politics, we are unable to create a better image in front of the world, especially the world power states.

6. Terrorism

After the 9/11 U.S. incident and 2009 Srilankan cricket team attack and the APS Peshawar attack, Pakistan is considered as the main court of terrorist activities. Terrorism has served as the keen destructive aspect of the image of Pakistan. Bomb blasts, attacks have killed over 35,000 people and have contributed to a huge economic loss for the country. However, the conditions have improved much now.

7. Overpopulation

Overpopulation is a cause of two sub-branches, that is Inflation and Unemployment. The population of Pakistan I growing rapidly which is why people remain un-staffed because all the organizations and companies are already filled with the employee quota. Pakistan is already an under pressured country and these reasons are adding more to it.

Source by Arijah Siddiqui

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