Makita BDF452HW 18-Volt Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Men love Power Tools, the more powerful and easier to use, the more attractive they are. A typical power tool lover would go for one that has a combination of durability, power, ease of use, and multi-functionality. One tool that is very much appreciated and would probably be one of the first in any Man’s kit is the Cordless drill driver and one worth mentioning is the Makita BDF452HW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2-Inch Drill Driver Kit.

To begin with, it offers a motor that packs 450 in.lbs. of Max torque and 285 in.lbs. of PTI Torque, with this kind of power available to it you would expect it to be bulky and heavy however this is not the case, the Makita BDF452HW is very compact, weighs just 3.5 pounds and is 8 inches in length from front to back, it also has an ergonomic shape that makes it fit snugly into the users palms, this makes it easy to handle and prevents strain on the hands, the compactness also enables easier access to tight and awkward places which larger and bulkier driver drills would not be able to access.

It has two speed settings

1) a slow speed setting with a variable speed setting delivering between 0-400 RPM, this setting is mainly used for driving and fastening tasks

2) a high speed setting delivering between 0-1,500 RPM, this setting is mainly used for drilling tasks, it can drill into most type of materials if used with the right drill bit.

The drill/drive chuck is a ratcheting style Jacobs chuck which enables the user to use a single hand to insert and tighten drill and driver bits, it also has 16 clutch settings, the higher the setting number the greater the torque available, there is also a general drilling setting after the 16th clutch setting.

It has a built in LED light located on the top part of the trigger this LED light is activated any time the trigger is pressed it is pretty handy when working in dark areas or recesses as it illuminates the working area so you can place the drill or drive bit at the exact point

Rubber molds are attached to the body of the drill/drive which enhances the grip comfort and provides some protection against knocks and falls.

Makita have started incorporating Lithium Ion cells technology into their batteries, Lithium Ion batteries have a lot of advantages over the older Ni-Cad or NiMH batteries:

  • They have longer shelf life and do not lose their charge as quickly as the others,
  • Recharge more quickly – recharge fully in 15 minutes using the rapid charger included in the Kit
  • They are lighter in weight compared to older batteries

The drill/drive ships with two 1.5Ah Lithium Ion batteries as standard, these batteries should last a whole day when used for regular drilling and driving, if on the other hand you intend to do a lot of drilling and other heavy duty work then you have the option of upgrading the batteries to 3.0Ah Lithium ion batteries, they have a higher capacity and last much longer although they also take longer to charge.

Out of the box this drill/drive set comes with a drill, two 1.5Ah Lithium Ion batteries, a charger, a few driver bits, an instruction manual and a carrying case, the kit comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the drill/drive and a 1 year warranty on the battery and charger.

The Makita BDF452HW is another great drill/driver made by Makita – one of the top Power Tool manufacturers renowned for the quality of their tools, and this drill in particular is true value for money, it combines ruggedness and power with ease of use and is an ideal tool for the professional tradesman as well as the DIY enthusiast.

Source by Olu Ogidi

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