Cricket – Swing Bowling a Connoisseurs Delight

Joys of Swing Bowling:

In Swing bowling the ball deviates as the ball moves in the air either towards (in swinger) or away (out swinger) from the batsman. Key factor that invokes the swing is the release of the ball in mid air to take a parabolic action rather than dig it in short. Holding the seam position upright is essential to generate swing. Further effort should be to bowl from as close to the stumps with a high arm action and head steady and level. Richard Hadlee’s action was found to be closest to perfect bowling action. Anyone taking up swing bowling seriously would do a lot good to review his action in great detail. Do not trade speed for good length at early age as without speed it is not possible to generate decent enough swing and almost no reverse. Further the acceleration in the run up should be gradual. Windy conditions aids swing bowlers. If the wind is blowing east to west it is better to get the best out swing bowler with his out-swing following the wind direction and making it more difficult for the batsmen to negotiate. Deviation in swing bowling is induced by the bowlers whereas in seam bowling the deviation is random and not induced by the bowler.

Outswing Bowling: Seam position is held near the traditional slip with the shiny side inside (right) and rough side outside (left). Aerodynamics bring to action laminar air flow on the shiny side and turbulent air flow on the rough side as the turbulent air flow is later than the laminar flow the ball moves in the direction of the turbulent or rough side making the ball move away for the right hander.

Bowlers use this delivery to generate false shots – Edge to the wicket keeper or slip region early in the innings by pitching the delivery on or around the off stump and generating enough swing, inducing errors in the batsman’s mind – The region around the off stump is also termed as corridor of uncertainty by many players. Key Exponent: Past: Andy Roberts, Kapil Dev, Dennis Lillee, Richard Hadlee, Glenn Mcgrath, Botham, Curtly Ambrose, Allan Donald. Present: Shaun Pollock, BretLee, James Anderson, Jacques Kallis.

In-Swing Bowling: Seam position is held near the leg slip region with the shiny side out (left) and the rough side inside (right). The flow in this case is turbulent on the right side and movement towards the right hander after pitching. An in swinger becomes potent when it is bowled as an in swinging Yorker.

Bowlers use this delivery to great advantage against left handers as the ball would move away for a left hander and induce edges.

Also when there is variable bounce, bowling an in swinger to a right hander would get wickets when the ball keeps low and the batsmen in unable to get his bat in time and gets bowled or trapped in front. Otherwise with normal bounce it is far easier to play an in swinger for a new batsman than an outswinger. Key Exponent: Past: Imran Khan, Courtney Walsh, Whispering Death (Michael Holding), Wasim Akram. Present: Shoaib Akhtar, Lasith Malinga, Irfan Pathan, Mathew Hoggard, Makhaya Ntin .

Source by Balachander Subramanian

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