Can One Man Change The World?

The Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) refused to worship the king of Babylonia, Namrud. Namrud’s followers suggested that he should be thrown in fire. So the arrangements were made by cutting all the trees in the forest and burning them for days. The fire became so hot that no bird would dare go into the area for the fear of being burnt alive. Then a crane was built and the prophet Ibrahim was lowered into the fire through the crane. Still the Prophet Ibrahim kept utter faith in Almighty. Almighty finally rewarded him. God ordered the burning fire to cool down and it did. Hence with faith, one man was able to find a way out of certain death.


You may say that Prophet Ibrahim was no mere mortal. He was the chosen one. He was the special prophet of Allah. You and I are mere mortals. How can we gather the courage and strength of prophets? History records the story of the Muslim Leader Tariq Ibn Zayed who in 711 AD had an army of 7,000 men to fight the superior army of enemy that was in tens of thousands. There was a fear in the ranks of the Muslim Army of being completely crushed by the enemy. When Tariq learned of this, he ordered his loyal men to burn the boats and hence their only safe passage home.


After the boats were burnt and the army seemed shattered, Tariq gathered them by the sea. In the background were their burning boats and in front of them were the enemy Army. Tariq addressed his men and said:

“Brothers in Islam, we have the enemy in front of us and the deep-sea behind us. We cannot return to our homes, because we have burnt our boats. We shall now either defeat the enemy and win or die a coward’s death by drowning in the sea. Who will follow me?

Those words electrified the ranks of Tariq’s Army and they fought with courage, valor and faith. Tariq’s army crushed the enemy hundred times its size and conquered Spain. They were able to survive despite impossible odds because they burnt their boats and fought for dear life.


Pakistan in 2014 is facing similar crisis. The country’s economy is growing by a mere 2% while the inflation is growing by 13-17% annually. This is resulting in a horrific divide between the rich and the poor. The rich have all the bounties of life and are growing richer by the day while the poor are losing their shelter, their safety and even the food on their plates. The current government comprises of people who are industrialists, feudal lords or business class. The poor are the worker class, the common public and the man on the street. No matter how qualified a poor man or woman is- there are no job openings for them. Education, health and basic necessities of life are beyond the reach of the common man.


At this critical point in the lives of the people of Pakistan, Allah gifted them with a savior in the form of Imran Khan. Imran Khan started in politics as a lone ranger some eighteen years back. Khan has a stellar track record in his profession. This cricketer turned politician has to his credit:

  • Bringing home a Cricket World Cup trophy;
  • Vice chancellorship of Bradford University;
  • Fellowship of Oxford University.
  • Through his charity hospital, Shaukat Khannum deserving patients received free treatment for over USD 160 Million over an eighteen year period.

Khan was married to one of the richest women in world, Jemima Goldsmith (currently Jemima Khan). Today she serves as the editor at large of Vanity Fair. Khan could have lived a luxurious life with fame and fortune till his last breath.

Khan chose the path less travelled. He came out on the streets to ask for the rights of the common man. He gave up everything and confined himself in one room container to ask for the rights of his people. This iconic leader that reader’s digest called “Pakistan’s favorite Son”is braving the extreme monsoon weather for the past one month with a crowd of 50,000 plus.

His call to Pakistan’s people can be viewed in this video by Umar Jamshed here:

Khan has taken an oath from his people to jump in the hell fire against the sitting government. He says to them that each one makes a difference. That one man can start a revolution and change the world. He says to the poor, crushed, scared people of Pakistan that if they run, they will be forced to return to the life of deprivation but if they stay firm and fight the evil they would succeed just like the army of Tariq Ibn Zayed.

Today the Pakistani people have to take this decision. Will the commit and fight or will the resign and run? It is this decision which will make all the difference. Because in our hands lies the destiny of our nation and the future of coming generations.

Tomorrow you could be faced with an impossible situation. You could be scared for the very life in you. But remember Prophet Ibrahim, Tariq Ibn Zayed and Imran Khan. Truly one man can change the world. The power is yours.

Source by Noor Aftab

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