7 Facts About Andrew Flintoff’s Cricketing Career

Andrew Flintoff is a brilliant cricketer. He is from the English side. He has always been impressive in the field, and here are some facts about his cricketing career.

1. Andrew Flintoff was born on December 6 1977 in Preston Langshire, in the summer of 2005 he had established himself as one of England’s greatest cricket players acquiring 402 runs and 24 wickets in test.

2. In 2001 he requested to be transferred to Rod Marsh’s ECB academy. IN 2002 he had a hernia operation. After his operation he returned to action and played in the World Cup where he took center stage.

3. After helping England become victorious 2-1 in South Africa, he had other medical issues, he went home to recuperate then came back in better shape.

4. After he returned he helped England capture a 2 run victory against Australia in one of the greatest Tests of all time.

5. In 2007 he underwent a 3rd ankle surgery and many people wondered if he would ever return. The following June he returned to play against South Africa.

6. By the time Flintoff was named Man OF the Year, in a 4-0 win over South Africa he was becoming the very best.

7. Confirming his status as one of the biggest players he signed a $1.55 million annual contract to play with the Chennai Super Kings. Flintoff is injured again and it is questionable if he will be allowed to play in the IPL and later on for England national side. His injury is not serious but it could cause a lot of criticism in addition to the criticism already active.

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Source by Maira S Sarfraz

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